All tubes are telescoping tubes.  They have an inner core that allows them to extend in size.  This can almost double the length of the tube.  They are very sturdy and great for sending anything from drawings to baseball bats.  They can be sent through the U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx.

We try to keep these sizes in stock at all times.  If you are in need of a certain size, please give us a call to make sure we have it in stock.  We'll be happy to put it aside so you can pick it up at your convenience.


3" diameter x 18" length
3" diameter x 24" length
3" diameter x 30" length
3" diameter x 36" length
3" diameter x 42" length

4" diameter x 24" length
4" diameter x 30" length
4" diameter x 36" length
4" diameter x 42" length